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Trio Metamorfoze is a contemporary chamber music ensemble that unites three Latvian musicians - flutists Liene Dobicina and Zane Jurevica and pianist Zane Rubesa. Established in 2015, the trio brings hypnotising performances to a rather simple set of instruments – two flutes and piano.


Creativity, keenness, courage, and free spirit are the main qualities of the ensemble Trio Metamorfoze.

Musicians with great success play both the repertoire which is well known and contemporary chamber music written by Latvian composers (dedicated to this trio). 

Both flutists have studied with the eminent professor Imants Sneibis therefore the flute playing is full of tembral nuances and refined phrasing incorporating the extended flute techniques. 

The contact with each other is natural, free and full with playful excitement. 

Trio performances makes the listener free their imagination, wich is one of the basic goals of music. 


DITA Krenberga

Flutist, Latvia

Confident brightness in Trio Metamorfoze playing is like a gift for the listeners, composers and musicians themselves. 

The most important is the ability to trust each other, to hear and to listen; these are the skills that Trio has for sure.

Furthermore great courage, responsibility, hard working and sensitive musicality describes this ensemble. 


ANNA Veismane 

Composer, producer of Music records at "Latvijas Radio 3 - Klasika", Latvia

Trio Metamorfoze could be called a "dream ensemble " for a composer. The musicians are open for new challenges and experiments - even more - they inspire the composer to try something unprecedented too. One of the most important values of the ensemble is its true desire to study new piece very narrowly - by dedicating time, patience and going deeper in understanding the features of the specific opus. 


Trio Metamorfoze musicians are very sincere and responsive so the communication is pleasant, which nowadays is a value by itself. 

MADARA Pētersone, composer, Latvia