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Trio Metamorfoze is a chamber music ensemble that unites three Latvian musicians - flutists Liene Dobicina and Zane Jurevica and pianist Zane Rubesa. Established in 2015, the Trio have proven their high-quality artistic performance at competitions, concerts and festivals in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, bringing hypnotizing performances to a rather simple set of instruments – two flutes and piano. 


Trio Metamorfoze wants to emphasize the diversity of  the sound of the ensemble - two flutes and piano, performing chamber music of the 21st century, to promote public interest and knowledge about contemporary chamber music, as well as to collaborate with composers, discovering more and more diverse approaches to embrace the sound of 21st Century.  


All three members of the ensemble have graduated Master's study program in Jāzeps Vītolas Academy of Music of Latvia, as well as individually - individually studying in Royal Conservatoire of Brussels (Belgium), Conservatorium Maastricht, Zuyd Hogeschool (The Netherlands). Currently, Trio Metamorfoze is deepening their knowledge in contemporary music with Helen Bledsoe (USA/ Germany, Ensemble Musikfabrik Köln, Germany) and at the International Divertimento Ensemble Academy (Milan, Italy), as well as regularly attends master classes with important 21st-Century musicians. 


Important performances:


  • Silent Concert (Krimulda Church, Latvia, October, 2022),

*World premiere of Barn Swallow by Madara Petersone;

  • Cap Ferret Music Festival (France, July 2022) - participation  and one of the main concerts;

  • Rencontre Lettonie - France, international contemporary music co-project, venue L'Impromptu, Bordeaux in collaboration with composer Étienne Rolin (France, July 2022),

*The world premiere of Étienne Rolin Bal Antique;

  • Re_cre@ 3rd International Interpretation Contest of Contemporary Music, final round (Castellón de la Plana, Spain, March, 2022);

  • Live concert at Latvijas Radio Studio 1 (Latvia, February 2022),

* World premiere of Anna Veismane Fugato. Burdons. Estampija and Oskars Herliņš Trio;

  • Concert Glass. Cerrone (The Artists’ Union of Latvia Art gallery, Riga, Latvia, December 2021),

* Latvian premiere of Christopher Cerrone works On being wrong, Liminal Highway, 

* Philip Glass Metamorphosis (transcribed for 2 flutes and piano by Madara Petersone);

  • Concert Raumanis.Metamorfoze organized within JVLMA contemporary music festival deciBels (Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, Riga, Latvia, October 2021),

* World premiere of Platons Buravickis Compaction (2020) and Madara Petersone Laiks elpot / Time to Breathe (2021);

  • Concert Rhythms of Nature/ Dabas ritmi (The National Library of Latvia and online, Riga, Latvia, August 2020);

  • Trio Metamorfoze concert organized within concert series Castle Harmonies (Nova Gorica, Slovenia, March 2019);

  • Participation (concert) in the Mantova Chamber Music festival Trame Sonore (Mantova, Italy, July 2018),

*World premiere of Platons Buravickis Melioration for two flutes and piano.



  • The 3rd International Interpretation Contest of Contemporary Music: Re_Cre@ (Castellón de la Plana, Spain, March, 2022)

*participation in the final round

  • International Music Competition Cap Ferret Music Open in Cap Ferret (online edition, France, March 2021),


  • International music competition Rising stars Grand Prix (online, Germany, August 2020)

*2nd prize

  • The International Music Competition and Festival Svirel (Nova Gorica, Slovenia, March 2018),

*1st prize in the category - wind and percussion ensembles;

  • Friedrich Kuhlau Wettbewerb (Uelzen, Germany, 2017);

*3rd prize in the category - two flutes and piano.


Current collaborations with composers (creation of new works)

Christopher Cerrone (USA) (work in progress) (approx. 2023)

Aurélien Hallopeau (France) (work in progress) (approx. 2023)

Veit Erdmann Abele (Germany) 

- Mobile I-V (Arrangement of Mobile IV and Mobile V for Trio Metamorfoze, 2004/ 2019)

Étienne Rolin (France) 

- Bal Antique (2022), Bal Antique II Ciel (2022)

Takako Ono (Japan) 

- The birds of Prophecy op.37 (2022)

Latvian composers:

Platons Buravickis 

- Melioration (2018) for two flutes and piano

- Compaction (2020) for two flutes and piano

Madara Pētersone 

- Time to Breathe/ Laiks elpot (2021) for two flutes and piano

- Barn Swallow (2022) for two flutes, piano and electronics

- Arrangement  of Philip Glass Metamorphosis for two flutes and piano (2021), and for two flutes, piano and electronics (2022)

Anna Veismane 

- Fugato. Bourdon. Estampia (2021) for two flutes and piano

Oskars Herliņš 

- Trio (2021)

- Trio for two recorders and Toy piano (work in progress; approx. 2023)

Alice Rancāne (work in progress) (approx. 2023)

Linda Leimane (work in progress) (approx. 2023)

Ieva Klingenberga (work in progress) (approx. 2023)


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